We will never surrender

 I asked you nice, even said please
But you think me a fool, who should crawl on his knees.
You’re spiteful and hard and you’re mean with a twist.
You stick out your tongue, when it takes but a kiss.
But I will never surrender.

You’ve taken our trust, you’ve taken our faith,
Cause you thought you could, that was your big mistake,
With no other choice, the lines of battle are drawn.
Faces reflecting all the anger and scorn,
But we will never surrender. 

We’re treading a path that’s been trodden before,
We’re marching side by side, like they did in the war.
History will show who is right and whose wrong,
And how a people slowly grew to be strong.
Cause we will never surrender.


As the trumpets rally all to the call,
Everybody will remember how they shouted,
We will never surrender. No
No we will never ever,
Whatever the weather,
We’re standing together,
We’re fighting forever,
 Until it gets better,
Believe me we will never surrender.

You don’t understand, about heartache and pain.
You don’t understand because you’re all the same.
You think you can win but have you thought it through. 
The revolutions here this is your Waterloo.
Cause we will never surrender.

A famine of love is delivered with ease, 
Poverty beckons like a creeping decease,
Men women children stepping up to the line,
Everybody sensing that this is their time,
And we will never surrender

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