For Eternity

The battle Hymn for the Living Earth

by Jamilia Jeenbaeva, Kyrgyz Republic

“What about sunrise, what about rain?
What about the seas, (what about us)?
What about apathy, (what about us)?
What about the greed, (what about us)?”

Fifty earth years earlier than feared
Will there be soft rains again?
If the weather is locked to expire
The feedback loops will replay
The long lost fate of mighty empires.

Some burn to ashes, some drown into underworlds -
And life as natural birthing from the ocean
Is no longer gifted, nor reborn.
Poisoned is the womb of the pregnant Earth mother whose nature is nurture,
Orphaned are the children she will carry forth.

HE the Human Earthleturtle isn’t
Nature loving nor natural-at-all
Caged HE is into a wetiko solitary cell code
Where HE pounds and bellows
At egomaniacal mirror walls.

HE the ruler of the sixth mass extinction death cult
Kills magnificent living beings for fun.
Lions, leopards, giraffes, hippos, elephants,
Bees and honey are no more nor nowhere.
Flowers, grass and soil under the concrete roads,
No more life not just nowhere but none at all no longer
Not a whisper of the frightened Universe’s R&B soul.

HE replicated life in plastic, brutalised and muted genes,
HE digitized intellect, leaving sarcastic Gods laughing
At disfigured reflections of Nature’s intelligence.
Having lived through aeons, mass extinctions, cosmic storms,
SHE - the Sacred Human Earthmaam
Is overheated, minted, and branded
By the fires of the HEvilization’s volcanoes.

The revenge is dry, tempestuous, and full of fury
As the clock runs towards the Universe’s midnight
HE cannot be rescued, HE is doomed
To repeat the fate of the burning empires,
To became the relic of the gloom.

Heavy with their child SHE weeps
On her mother’s mighty shoulder like times and times before.
Good old Laniakea slowly curls, scrolls inwards
With all the sacred seeds within the rescue bio-boat
Singing to the billion forest oceans’
Bee&glacial pollinated souls,
“Do remember, keep the memory, take notice
Of this crying Earth, these weeping shores…”

And swirling afloat without tears they weep
In their deep cosmic sleep
For the lost humanity, cold and alone,
For another aeon,
For eternity.

💙 With love and reverence to the works of Michael Jackson, Sara Teasdale, Ray Bradbury, Dr Seuss  💙

For more information on the XR Kyrgyz chapter, see their Facebook page

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