Seeing The Light

Amalia Fish, NZ

Separated from the knowledge of the world, its tides,
the sickness of pollution and its poverty of care,
our daily human rhythms glide.
We’re busy living, self- absorbed and unaware.
While arctic snows begin to melt,
essential land and forests burn,
endangered species hunted to their end.
The weary lungs of Earth cry out
for ignorance and lack of sight.
My heart is aching for our broken world.
While politicians preen and prance
like cockerels, ready for a fight,
their egos bloated, mouthing out their empty words,
blinded by material power,
the status of their empty lives.
But a young girl sails and stands,
and, regardless of her age, her fear,
she’s talking on a wide world stage,
and asks the world to listen to her rage,
her broken dreams, her future plight,
demanding that they see the light.

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