Burn the House Down

by Barry Dobson, UK

An original song by Bazza Bingo (Barry Dobson).  Written in a camper van on Flamborough Head, October 2019.

You seek justice for a ravaged world
The global stage a child in time
Shout at the world, the world is deaf
Pay the toll for the coming crime
Hate and loathing for a saviour
No one’s listening cut through the lies
Late for work it’s more important
But you’re stood on shrinking ice
Burn the house down burn the house down
Set the fire let the world drown
Burn the house down burn the house down
A global meltdown.
On the streets there’s anger and rage
Spitting bile to an awful sound
Shoot the message and the messenger
Pull them down into the baying crowd
Greed and choice is all that matters
Experts or science we’ve had enough
Hunger famine its somewhere else
But all our hands run red with blood
Reap the harvest but don’t plant the seed
A steady gaze on a planet alight
A frown for evil, a defiant man
for the Dollar we lose the fight
Extinction warriors, sinners or saints
shout them down, deny the youth
flaming words for the world to see
Courage anger and a dreadful truth.

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