Grey Areas

by Bernadette Jordan, UK

Grey men in grey suits
Facing down the stark black
and white of Greta’s youth
with the muddied water
of their aged eyes.
Gathering clouds of uncertainty
Solidifying into shrouds of fear.
A gap unbridged,
Eye contact lost.
Oozing trenches of mud,
Cloying; clogging, dragging down.
·       The dead calm of a broken spirit.
·       A classroom after playtime- if truth’s untold.
·       Silent strain when words would hurt.
·       Grey air breathed by the bereaved.

One thought on “Grey Areas

  1. Every year in UK there is a National Poetry Day, with a theme. In 2019, the theme was Truth. Many poets linked this with the first demand of XR. This poem is one of those.


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