Revolution Light

by Phillip Wells, UK

Reading by the author

It’s all getting too heavy.
The masses need a solution.
What the world truly seeks
Is mass revolution!

Mass is so weighed down
By the cares of gravity:
It needs to lighten up -
Find a lighter way to see

To spark up the energy
Look at all this levity
Rise up through the music
Lifted by community

The world soul’s in flight!
Mass puts down its heavy load.
The dogmatic manifesto
Is now an (effervescent) ode

Fizzing with transformations
Like mass into spirit
If you want to tell the truth
You must find out what’s in it

The body conceals a soul
Lighter than a feather
We must reveal who we are
We’re all in this together

As our truest selves
We’re all on the same page
Working alongside nature
To turn around the age

From the heaviness of mind
To the lightness of spirit
In the age of integrity
Mass revolution knows no limit

It is - incredibly -
The seed of a solution
To mass extinction
And mass pollution

So sing together, seeds,
With the joy of a mass choir -
The garden of gold only grows
When we’re all inspired!

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