A Modern Prayer

by Dinesh Moylan, Australia

Life, Existence, Mother Earth,
please help me
show me what you want me to be
you have made me for some reason
I am alive at this special time for some purpose
let me be your tool, your flower, your gardener
whisper your secrets to me
reveal your beauty, your wisdom and sacredness
so that I may share it with others
and pollinate them with joy

Send me the wave
energy transmuted and focused
that I may take off and ride to my destiny
gliding and swooping
help me surrender to the tides and winds
let the currents take me where you will
let me rise above my small needs
my restless aching ego
always doubting, looking backwards
help me to turn and face my future, my destiny
without regret, single pointed
an arrow from your great bow

Let your light shine deeply into my brain
ancient energy created while my ancestors huddled in caves
before I was even a seed
dissolve my shadows of distrust and self interest
help me find what I can do so I may feel relief
from being overwhelmed by despair
show me the way to silence my fears
so I may hear your messages
and the wisdom of the ancient ones
to silence the no so I can hear the great yes

Show me the start
of my narrow winding path up the mountain
deep in this valley I cannot see
the ridges and distant peaks
help me find my direction
help me wake from the dream
that alone I can change anything
it is only together we can bring change
give me courage to believe it

Help me live in this body you have given me
accepting its frailties, its habits and needs
letting it age gracefully
being kind and patient with it
letting go of it when it is time
with gratitude dignity and peace
making space for the next seed
to sprout to grow and bloom
knowing that in some small way
my life had value, meaning
a gift to the whole
so that life in all its mighty beauty and splendour
evolves on this planet
to a new age of love
and respect for all creatures great and small
when all life is again held sacred
from the tiniest microbe
to the mightiest whale

Help me be present on this earth
not lost in dreams of the past and the future
my energy dissipated, frittered away
wasted by a thousand and one distractions
help me be silent that I may hear your whispered messages
and the quiet voice of my inner wisdom
help me forgive those blinded by fear
who are tricked into hatred
manipulated by ruthless madmen
those seduced and deluded
by the fleeting mirages of wealth and power

Recharge me, nourish me every day
let me be a pen in your majestic hand
let me be your mouthpiece so I may speak for you
a voice for the innocent creatures of the world
for the unborn children
for the silently vanishing species
help me channel my anger frustration and despair
into a righteous determination
to defend you

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