A Sense of Wholeness

by L. Ravindran, UK

Creating the whole from masculine and feminine
Is Shiva and Shakti’s divine energy,
Coming together with a spark of life,
Non-violence embracing the violent,
In the eye of the storm it is completely still,
In the scream of silence we speak up against our will,
Connecting contradictions creatively;
In the wails of the ocean choking in plastic,
Whales break free in the songs of their fragility,
Sounding forth our collective positivity
With our feet on the earth, and hands in the soil,
Empowerment flows through like streams of connectedness,
Creative dance of co-creation,
Bringing wholeness to our shared vision.

Written at an eco-poetry workshop on 8/9/19 in Downhills Park for the North London Uprising

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