The Five Skandhas

by L. Ravindran, UK

What do you see when you see the sea
Thick, black waves, thundering majesty
But can you see, really,
Dark, oil-slicked, nothing but carbon-loving algae,
Learning to die in the Anthropocene.
We once woke to birdsong
How will we awaken?
When singing becomes screeching
Screeching becomes screaming
And screaming silence
Mucky hands and sooted feet
Clawing, grabbing, stamping
Dirty people, a toxic house.
We will clean the walls
And scratch the shame from them
Plastic food in plastic bags
Strawberries in December
Where’s the taste in the soil near you?
You no longer remember.
Please think as you eat and drink
Stolen mother’s milk.
The anosmic vacuum of walking down
These over-hot streets—
I project this, prematurely:
The smell of new growth left behind
As moisture on the asphalt evaporating ...
Our demise.

Eco-poetry workshop w/ Nadira 15/04/19 at Marble Arch, Extinction Rebellion protest camp

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