Axis Mundi

By Obsidian Eagle, Canada

Oh Enkidu — lead us lost humans
Back to those ancient forests
Beyond these cities' woes
Mankind be won by nature!
For we've seen from space
The damage we're wreaking
Upon Gaia's gorgeous face
A virus threatens humanity's place
Our technology ought to be wed
To the ecology, 'til all are fed
So that we might learn by analogy
The actual function of spiritual symbology
As it stands, nothing is sacred
Virgin mother desecrated, splayed naked
How can anything evolve in isolation?
Mistaken domination brings about damnation!
Lo Enkidu — we humans verge on extinction
There's not enough identifying (only distinction)
Poetry is powerless to move
People who refuse to improve.

2 thoughts on “Axis Mundi

  1. Greetings global family!

    Just want to let everyone know that there’s plenty more where this came from on my long-running blog, Obsidian Eagle’s Blasphemous Bazaar (link below).



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