Now Without A Magic Pill

by Mark Delaney, Australia

All capitalisms are equal
But some capitalisms are more equal than others
With monopoly democracy
And innovation to smother
The crucible idea
To capitalism my dear
Was a free market economy
Not ecocide autocracy
So the plan was grand
Save the markets the brand
To a new way of thinking
While mother earth is sinking
To walk alongside the company
The commons to accompany
Ten percent for humanity
To repair global insanity
Inoculate society a vaccine
From the capitalist regime
Now without a magic pill
To be found on Capital Hill
Ventilators respirators
Corporation on life support
Masks vaccines for the capitalist regimes
Globalisation quarantined at all ports
CEOs now beggars on Wall Street
Save this broken system
From the viral farce the financial farce
Prepare the next pandemic prison
For Covid-20 will soon come around
Can the Wall Street of old ever be sound
So saddled with debt prepare the next viral threat
Global financial homicide now abounds
So to the commons the solution
To global pecuniary pollution
Or will genocide for Wall Street
Be the final solution

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