by David Thorpe, Wales.

Via Chirper

@NotMetOffice 1:36PM – 26 Sept First they came for activists, then energy department, now it’s weather forecasters. #Clampdown. So scared.

@UndercoverRain 1:37PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice Me too. People are hugging here for comfort. All #climatechange project accounts are frozen.

@ProperNews 1:38PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice @UndercoverRain Can we publish your stuff? Even anonymously? We are indie journalists concerned for truth.

@NotMetOffice 1:39PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews No way. I have kids. Need my job.

@ResistNow17 1:39PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice @UndercoverRain We must #resist. Never give in. #StandUpForTruth!

@UndercoverRain 1:40PM – 26 Sept @ResistNow17 Easy for you to say. #FearRules.

@ResistNow17 1:40PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice @UndercoverRain There are alt Chirper accounts like @rogueMetOffice.

@NotMetOffice 1:41PM – 26 Sept @ResistNow17 Don’t trust. Some rogue accounts are bogus. Set up by Gov or #climatedeniers to sow confusion. Anyone can do it. #FakeNews.

@ConcernedCitizen 1:41PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice How do we know what’s true?

@NotMetOffice 1:42PM – 26 Sept @ConcernedCitizen You can’t. Chirper won’t authenticate accounts.

@ProperNews 1:44PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice @ConcernedCitizen Yes you can. We’re investigative journalists committed to exposing abuse of power.

@NotMetOffice 1:44PM – 26 Sept Have been working overtime lately documenting & safeguarding the methane-related project I’ve worked on for years.

@ProperNews 1:45PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice Pls send it to us via Beacon app – encrypts messages & calls so others can’t eavesdrop.

@NotMetOffice 1:49PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews Really?


Via Beacon

@ProperNews 3.23PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice That you? You installed Beacon? Great. Now use Ncrypt tab on your files.

@NotMetOffice 3.25PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews How do I know you’re who you say you are?

@ProperNews 3.25PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice Let’s video chat. I’ll turn my camera on but you don’t need to.

@NotMetOffice 3.26PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews OK.


@NotMetOffice 3.45PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews Believe you now. Seen your office on TrueClimate news. Will send files in next message. As mentioned, they’re about imminent release of massive methane bubble beneath Greenland Sea. Still v scared. You have no idea. Promise you’ll never say where you got this or I swear I’ll end up inside. If you must name a source, use Rowena.

@ProperNews 4.45PM – 26 Sept @NotMetOffice Got it. Promise. Wow. Satellite images analysed with schooner-tk. GPS-x-reffed water/air samples & temps. Dynamite. Some things you just don’t see coming. Many thanks.

@NotMetOffice 4.45PM – 26 Sept @ProperNews Yeah. OMG theyre here now pls can u

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