When The Trees Learned to Soar

      a song by Amy Oestreicher, USA

Click here to listen

In a wonderful sleep I had a dream of trees catching flight
Music growing with the grass and angels on a velvety patch of starlight
Dreamed of trees bursting
Bursting with fancies and whims
Beggin’ the wind to free
All the sorry spirits unraveling round their limbs
They couldn’t take shading the daffodils
Or catching rain over sloping hills
They need to feel their roots laugh and sway behind
To brush against a god
And finally soar
With a whipping of wind, they thrash and beg the soil to acquiesce
Glancing back at empty graves, they rise like roving phantoms craving holiness
Saw their branches turning, turning to fair angel wings
Gliding through light that soaked their deserted forests
Who nurtured airborne kings
They bathed in splash of sky-paint, in pools of mist
Their roots danced in parades of bliss
Shrubs applaud
And all the town opened their windows in awe
‘cause no one ever saw a tree float to god
Fly trees
Fly with the planes and reindeer and gulls
Cloak our dying town in glory
Fly for us all
Oh trees
Hover above our stores and our fuss
I know your skies are boundless
But will you bless us?
Watch over us?
In the deserted grove
A patch of grass emerged to pine for flight
Music lifted from the ground
To leap with angels
Dancing on mounds of starlight
Soon the world was soaring
From garden to stone
Harmony from their flight
Spread like watercolors
And lured us out of our homes
We watched the world tremble with spells from the sky
And for the first time in our lives
We couldn’t ask why
We just were
And maybe after years of grounded ease
All we’re meant to be is swept by a breeze
 our town is drenched in holy joy
That spills from trees who live anew
Someday I’ll fly

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