Mouse and Owl

by Rachael Carnes, USA


A glacier dies when it can’t move anymore.  When it can’t accumulate size, shape, distance at a rate faster than it can lose.

They call it a death. 


An extinction of that moment — 


In their human lineage  bottlenecks  wipeouts  flush and careening red — And gone.


Gone into warm days on the mountain?


Into heat. Wind. Flood. Fire —  100 rules and regulations rolled back.

You know what that means? 


I might make a mistake — And become a meal.


Political din gurgles, hot molten nonsense, but up here — Between earth and sky, thousands of tiny cries. 


Ice, living all these centuries, 

Until one day, she leaves only her rocky cradle.

Clark Glacier, which crowned South Sister Mountain in Central Oregon for 7,500 years,  was declared dead on October 18, 2020. Scientists held a funeral, as has become custom.

© 2020, All Right Reserved.

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