The Green Man

by David SmartKnight, UK

I am the Green Man, the clean man, the dirty and obscene man, the chromosome and gene man
 the sun man, the fun man, Devil may care man but flowers in my hair man
 I’m the sea man, the flee man, the surfer on the wave man, the primeval caveman
 I’m the bird man, ride that wind man, the honestly cringed man, the burnt and singed man,
 I am the free man
 I’m the hawk man, write and talk man, get up and walk man
 The wood man, the good man, the law is love man thank the heavens above man
 I’m the glad man, the sad man, potentially bad man, teenage lad man
 I’m the lover man, take cover man, big brother man discover, man
 I’m the wolf man, the big cat man, cosmic batman? I can do that man
 Don’t sit on the hedge man, get out on the ledge man, grow your own veg man
 I’m the jester man, the joker man
 Deal out a hand of poker man coz the fire burns hotter when you stoke her man
 I’m the KING man – ultimate sin man - forever talking man, the dog needs walking man
 The hidden man, forbidden man, the ice cream cone man, the cut to the bone
 I’m the slug man, creepy bug man, I may be snug in my rug man but I still need a hug man
 Who am I man?  Lucy in the sky man, don’t ask me why man, just let go and fly man
 I’m the miller man, the tiller man
 Remember Schrödinger’s cat man? Or did you take a nap man?
 I’m the create man, the ape man, the monkey man, the plain funky man
 It’s electric man, I’m eclectic man, poetic man who feels dyslexic man, 
 I’m artistic man, mystic man, but lets get realistic man I could be more optimistic man
 I’m angry man, fist in the air man show you care man, let the wolf out the lair man
 I’m symbolic man, workaholic man, perhaps demonic man, at times vitriolic man
 I’m manic man, shamanic man
 It won’t help to panic man but take a good look at this planet man
 God damn it man, it’s time to plan it man coz this can’t go on, can it man.
 I’m illusion man, confusion man, lost in delusion man, found in the fusion, man
 I’m rain man, gain man, infamous fame man, infinite gain man
 I’m the fox man, take stock man, undo all those locks man coz I don’t fit in your box man
 I’m the dream man, lean machine man, clinically clean man, rarely seen, man
 I’m the player man, soothsayer man, Life is pure joy man, these hands are my toys man
 I’m the known man, the grown man - this bird has flown man, the really quite alone man
 And, in the end, 
 Be a friend
 There is no higher truth than
 I am  

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