No-one is Watching

by Nicola Geddes, Ireland

 Unharness your two beasts 
 Ambition and Anxiety
 from your chariot
 Unharness yourself
 from all electronic devices
 You will not be followed
 Did you look, did you
 see the tree tops career above you
 in an ecstasy of elements,
 smell the damp brown 
 leaves under your feet?
 Did you witness yourself 
 in the middle 
 of all this rejoicing
 And all this decay?
 Or are you still stooped
 under the weight of your expectations?
 See the grey clouds skitter across a yellow sky
 See the fat bluebottle climb the window again
 See the oceans
 who have carried our ships on their backs
 and from whom the feast was delivered
 See the oceans
 Rise up
 No-one is watching 

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