Red Geiger

by David Baresch, Japan

‘Red Geiger passes on personal experience of visiting a town in Japan, abandoned due to nuclear fallout.

A nuclear powerplant stood on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. A tsunami thrashed the building, roofs exploded, and radioactive particles peppered the land.

The 10th anniversary of the nuclear disaster will be on March 11th 2021.

  The Geiger-counter glowed red,
 ‘Danger! Danger!’ were the words that it bled,
 For on the coast, close to its edge,
 A powerplant stood, battered and rent.
 A tsunami had hit, walls had split, 
 A silo had cracked, atoms spat, 
 Temperatures grew, a rooftop blew, 
 And atoms freed adrift on the breeze. 
 We stood in a town, an abandoned town, 
 Just outside the restricted zone, 
 Of human life, there was none, 
 For all had fled in nuclear dread. 
 The Geiger-counter, it glowed red,
 ‘Danger! Danger!’ were the words it yet bled. 

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