by Steve Horne, UK

The smooth-us forest-lighten
trees lose life blood
scream at their judder-sticks
ground goes stumpy,

smooth-us weren’t always
handing-down-speak says
years past, forest joined
no vapour eagles then
floor not needed
cat-big flesh rippers caught us hardly
more-I swung free, swung high
blue mountain to thunder falls
lush nests made sleep-full
more-I learned little-doubles soul clinching
learned them tools, forest-feel

unforest now
smooth-us water-poison
thieve jackfruit
clinch cackling round the burning stones
arm-puny they stand so tall
shine-buffalos eat tree parts
need no moon for seeing
their stares hurt strong
bad air is vented
thieved little-doubles cry hotly
for their red mamas
smooth-us need forest-feel
need mellow teach 

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