BLESZ feat. Jim Jones – Wrap it up (Remix)

by E. Burleson, Holland

Hey how ya doing, what's going on?
Just a light start of the song
Cause there ain't nothing light about this 
It weighs heavy. On the planet. 
All the waste we produce 
Especially the non-degradable
It's not debatable, we need solutions
When it comes to tackling pollution
No illusion
We need resolutions from the institutions 
You can close your eyes, but you can't hide. 
All that plastic it ain't fantastic 
It's cheap and affordable
And that's the plastrick
The catalyst behind our throw-away society
Our progress 
Might be our downfall. Irony
But we should do better finally 
We can't stay on the side line quietly
We can solve this thing together
Let's wrap it up so Earth can be better 

Hook 2X
Let's Wrap it up. 
All the waste we're dumping in the ocean
Wrap it up
Single use and plastic as the notion
Wrap it up
This is bigger than you and me
But together we clean up our land and sea

So wrap it (1x)

Let's keep it moving to the groove
Where many see an issue others still wanna approve
Fueled by selfishness, greed, apathy
Or all of the above 
Worried about the lifestyle they love
But listen
We produce around 300 million tons of plastic a year
And 8 million tons, end up in the water.
That's like a dump truck a minute
Affecting all life in it

With plastic soup and garbage patches in the seven seas expanding
Costing lives and more they'll be demanding 
And only 1 percent of plastic floats
So there is more than meets the eye and this not a hoax 
Look it up. Cause there is so much information 
We're in deep, but if we act fast with determination 
Then, we can solve this thing together
Let's wrap it up so Earth can be better

---- Hook 2X -----

B: Hello? 
Jim: Hey BLESZ, Jim here. 
I listened to your track for The Ocean Race summit. Love it btw. 
But I was wondering what else can be done, you know. 
I mean what about all the recycling for instance 


Well here's a sad fact. 
About 9% for plastic, globally 
And that's that
So it is far from the cure
That's for sure. 
We need results more than allure
From plastic pollution to a global solution 
Can we?
Many help, but more are necessary
There's a lot of weight to carry 

In a fight that's legendary 
Far from temporary. Important very
So as a person, company, foundation or nation
Step up! We need collaboration 
Produce and consume environmental friendly
Minimizing your waste can be the new trendy
Support innovation to eradicate our devastation
It's not too late, be part of the transformation 
Because... If I can wrap it up 
You can wrap it up 
They can wrap it up 
We can wrap it up

---- Hook 3X -----

Jim: Uhm BLESZ you still there? 
I think he wrapped it up

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