Too Many Hearts to Feed is a Truth

by Leone Gabrielle, Australia

too many caged hearts 	too many boundaries
overridden too many of us want to hoard little swifts
in our mouths in our guts in our houses
fill our wallets with dead birds with pieces of the planet
with bread of bones and dust
little little swifts pumping hearts can’t rest
between flights
of progress progressing
toward something
too bright to be a problem
technology can sell to us
at the mercy of man who uses wealth
to make joyrides into space deeper winds
placed above the cage of time and gravity
there is no bounds too insomnia too stupidity too lust
to a culture of acquisition greed of not enough theories
a heart that dances with love takes nervous pleasure
of being between the breath of morning
and cloud of afternoon’s star drink
with play and sorrow
in a time
that calls itself now little swifts
swiftly tell me

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