Vestigaes of Natural History

by M. J. Leach, Australia

                                                                         My dog and I step outside
to walk on soil the Sun dried.
                                                                           We cross dead grass to concrete
concealing earth neath six feet.
                                                                           We pass in and out of shade
conferred by trees spared from blades.
                                                                           We reach the curve of our court
and head down a track of sorts.
                                                                           The dirt ascends in hot air
then descends on worn footwear.
                                                                           I stand among reserved gum
trees and feel refreshed yet glum.
                                                                           My dog gives chase to magpies
that run at first and then fly
                                                                           over lands humans have changed.
This landscape has been short-changed.

Acknowledgements: ‘Vestiges of Natural History’ first appeared in Live Encounters Poetry & Writing prior to republication in Natural Philosophies (Recent Work Press, 2022). 

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