New: school submissions

Secondary/high schools are invited to take part in an exciting new initiative. The Creative Hub has just opened a Schools section, for which senior students are encouraged to send poetry and short fiction (flash fiction, short story, play, film script etc.) addressing the current climate crisis and possible aftermaths and future worlds here on earth. The best submissions will be posted in this section, with the school’s name prominent. The impact of climate change will be particularly felt by today’s youth, so we are keen to publish writing that gives a voice to their hopes, fears, doubts, dreams and nightmares about it.

Teachers are invited to submit (in separate files for each submission) a maximum of FIVE (individual or group) pieces per school in each academic year. Each poem should be no longer than 40 lines, and each piece of fiction should not exceed 4,000 words. The writing must be clear, intelligible and literate; we can currently only accept work submitted in English.

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