Poetry submissions

mother and daughter holding posters at an XR ralley

This is a call for poetry submissions concerned with the climate emergency, the current crisis and possible aftermaths. 

We are looking for poetry that is inspiring, meaningful and original, and that reflects the principles, concerns and values of the Extinction Rebellion from a global, regional or local perspective. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting:

  • The work must align with and reflect the principles and values of the Extinction Rebellion, and be on a topic relevant to Extinction Rebellion;
  • The work must be your own original work; if a collaboration then all authors must be named;
  • Submissions by authors under 18 years of age must be authorized by a parent or legal guardian;
  • The work is to be submitted in Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman font; preferred point size 12;
  • The work is to be submitted in MS Word doc or compatible format;
  • The work including title is to be no longer than 80 lines, with max 80 characters per line and normal margins. You may lay out the text as you choose within these guidelines; if the layout is uniquely specific, we recommend that you send us a PDF to retain your structure;
  • The author will retain all copyright, but by submitting to this publication, you agree that Extinction Rebellion can distribute the work for the use of Extinction Rebellion members and for promotion purposes; the author/s will be acknowledged in all cases;
  • The author/s agree to allow the use of their submitted work by Extinction Rebellion at no cost and for no remuneration in kind;
  • Submissions may be published elsewhere;
  • You may submit more than one poem, but please submit each piece in a separate email. Maximum of 10 pieces per author per year;
  • Please check your work carefully before you send it to us. We may come back to you to discuss editorial issues before publication, but your work will be evaluated as received.
  • Works that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected unread.
  • You will be asked to sign a submission agreement, when your work is accepted. This is to protect your copyright for any other use.