by Hairygoose, Ireland

I saw the Moon; I saw her rise blood-red
looming over soil, and rock and sea.
I saw Earth’s shadow pass across her face
but not a lover’s blush it seemed to me.
It lingered like a petal on a rose
just for a moment, then began to pale.
And something in her aura, so unmoved—
remote, aloof, behind the crimson veil.
I saw the lines, the wrinkles on her brow
and wondered what she knows, and doesn’t tell;
As we leave careless scars on Earth below
I’m sure I saw tears there, I’m sure they fell.
I reached up high to catch one in my hand
and whisper hope for what we’ve done that’s good.
Her words to me were muted by the clouds
and on my palm her tears were red as blood.
She is the vigil keeper, solid, cold,
our travelling companion, company.
I pray that she’ll be there to rise and watch
when we’re all laid to soil, and rock, and sea.

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